Meet John Nick

Over the 2013 holiday I had the pleasure of visiting with John Nick at my home. John is a West Woodland School Alumni, back when the school was K-8. He grew up at 824 NW 65th Street, just blocks from his family’s business on NW 65th.

During his visit, John shared photos and stories with me of his time living and working in the West Woodland neighborhood. John also gave me a booklet of memories that his friend Vern Vellat had put together and shared with his peers from West Woodland’s class of 1941. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some of those stories with you.

The black and white picture below was taken on the west side of “DeJardine’s Garage” (today, J&J Collision at 517 NW 65th St). In this 1931 picture, John is sitting on a pony, with his brother Charles standing next to him. Both boys are dressed in western wear and it is believed that this photo was taken during “Klondike Days”, an annual West Woodland celebration that included a parade with bands and floats travelling down NW 65th.

The color photo is from John’s visit at my home. Thank you for your contribution John!

John Nick

2 thoughts on “Meet John Nick

  1. I just wanted to say that Rasmus Peter Jensen was my grand uncle his brother Anton Jensen
    born 1884 was my grandfather, they both emigrated to the US in the same year and I believe with another brother. Reading this history on Rasmus is amazing! Thank you. Dennis Jensen


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