Then & Now: Looking North on 6th Ave NW, just south of NW 53rd

The black & white photo was taken sometime in 1920 and comes to us courtesy of the University of Washington Digital Collection, order number SEA0015.

On the left side of the 1920 photo you can see the corner of “Vernon Grocery” built in 1909. Vernon’s was one of the many neighborhood markets that once dotted our area.

The trolley had finally made its way into our neighborhood by 1912. You can clearly see the trolley in the distance and the tracks running the length of the street. The trolley came to us through the Fremont and Ross neighborhoods, travelling along 6th Ave until reaching West 55th (today, Market Street). At this point the trolley took a right and then an immediate left onto 5th Ave NW. More trolley history in a future post.

Most of the homes pictured in the 1920 photo are still standing, a few cosmetic changes to their exterior, but all recognizable. Just out of camera range (to the north) in the “Now” photo are two of my favorite restaurants, Veraci Pizza – Seattle WA and Brimmer & Heeltap.

If you have old photos, please share them with your West Woodland Neighbors by posting on this site, or emailing a JPEG copy to

Vernon Grocery store 6th and 53rd

Vernon Grocery 1909

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