Then & Now: The NE corner of 5th Ave NW and Market

This home was once located at 5502 5th Ave NW. Originally built in 1904, it was demolished during the summer of 2013 to make way for new construction.

In the black & white photo you can see a wrap-around porch, which was a popular feature at the time, and large roof-line eaves. In 1912, the trolley would have come right in front of this home, down 5th Ave, on its way to NW 65th. Prior to demolition, the home had been converted into a duplex.

Today on this lot, there are four unique new townhomes, designed by S+H Works,!market-st-rowhouses/cjv2.

If you have old photos, please share them with your West Woodland Neighbors by posting on this site, or emailing a JPEG copy to

5502 5th ave nw


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