Your home has history!

Discovering the history of a house, who lived in it and when it was built, can be a challenging and rewarding experience. This information can also be very useful. Knowing your homes history, can tell you what’s important about it – its significance to the community. It can also tell you how your house was constructed, if there were later additions or alterations. This sort of information can help when you’re thinking about making changes to your homes internal or external structure.

There are a wide range of resources available to you as you start researching the history of your home, including the Seattle Public Library. The libraries online resource center includes an array of tools and articles to support your research. One of those tools, “Researching the History of Seattle Buildings” is a 50-page guide with links to online resources, a directory of local agencies, worksheets and checklists.

Guide is available here:…/articles-and-research/local-history…

As you begin to uncover your homes history, please share with us by posting on this page. I would love to find out what you have learned about your home.


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