Then & Now: Grading the 900 block of NW 57th Street

The black & white photo was taken in between 1900 – 1909 and is courtesy The Seattle Public Library.

Looking west, the photo provides a unique panoramic view of the old West Woodland neighborhood, which once stretched the west side today’s Phinney Ridge.

The hillside had not yet been clear cut, and roads were not much more than dirt trails. This photo really illustrates how difficult it was to travel through the area. The automobile first arrived in Seattle in 1900, but most residents relied on their own two-feet or horse and wagon when available.

The description provided states, “Grading in 900 Block on W. 57th. Ballard”. I walked this stretch of roadway, and with the help of King County Parcel Viewer, was able to create this approximate view.

There is one house documented as having been built in 1900, 901 NW 57th Street, and it is included on the right side of the “Now” photo. This may be the same house in the background of the “Then” photo. The facade looks the same, but more research is needed to confirm. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy The Seattle Public Library


Then & Now - 9th and 57th

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