Then & Now: Corner of 5th Ave NW & NW 65th

In 1925 the trolley was still in service, running from Fremont into the West Woodland Neighborhood.  This particular spur was called the “West Woodland Line” and it was how most neighbors traveled when needing to cross town.  You can clearly see the tracks and the overhead power lines in the 1925 photo. The trolley terminated at NW 65th with a “T” turnaround, where riders would exit to shop, dine, or catch a movie along NW 65th Street, West Woodland’s small but growing business district.

Businesses visible in the 1925 picture include (from right to left): Safeway, Everbody’s Market, West Woodland Realty, and West Woodland Pharmacy.  Today those locations are occupied by Seattle Floor Service, The Tin Hat, Salmon Bay Physical Therapy, and a private gym.

All the buildings in the “then” photo, except West Woodland Realty, are still standing. There are a few cosmetic changes to their exteriors, but all recognizable. The trolley track is gone too, removed in 1942 to be used in support of the WWII war effort.

5th and 65th then and now 553168_698028410224471_646037359_n

Looking north at the corner of 5th Ave NW & NW 65th Street in 1925.  Black & White photo courtesy of the University of Washington Digital Collection, order number SEA0070.

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