Seattle City Directory Collection – Available Online

10491082_1417320501842806_5406959836452652915_nThe Seattle City Directory Collection contains several early Seattle, Puget Sound, Washington State, and Pacific Coast directories beginning in 1867. These directories provide a great deal of information for genealogists, local history researchers, and history enthusiasts.

Included is a snap shot of the businesses that once lined NW 65th Street. As with any publication, you will find inaccurate information, including this one showing the Woodland Theater at 610 NW 65th, when the actual location is 608 NW 65th.

Until recently, there was at least one retail building along NW 65th that was being used as a private residence. I found this surprising until reviewing these directories. It was common place for shop owners to live in the back of their stores or above their store if there was a second story. This co-location was cost effective, and provided extra security once the shop closed.

Look through the directories, find your address and let us know who lived in your house 50, 75 or 100 years ago.  Access the directories HERE.  

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