Then & Now: The Jensen residence at 404 NW 60th Street

This is the second home built by West Woodland’s original neighbor, Rasmus Peter Jensen. Property records show two original build dates for this home, 1891 and 1900. If this home were built in 1891, it would be the second home built in the West Woodland Neighborhood, the first being the original Jensen home that once stood near the corner of present day 7th Ave and NW 60th.  

Jensen residence

Photo of 404 NW 60th Street courtesy the Museum of History & Industry, Seattle.  Notice the location of the front door in this photo, facing east.  In the 1930 photo at the bottom of this page, you can see that the front door had been moved and currently faces south.  

Then & Now - Going Green

Then & Now:  Jensen home in the early 1970s & then 2014, looking west.

This home has been included in the City of Seattle Historic Inventory due to its age and few exterior changes made in its 100+ years. The architecture of this home is vernacular, as were most Seattle homes of the time. The builder was more concerned with domestic use and functionality rather than creating an ornate or monumental building. For additional information please visit, Seattle Historical Sites.  

When you compare the four available photos you can see that the home’s exterior has changed little. The photo from the 1930’s shows a tall orchard ladder leaning against a tree. The original lot this home sits on was much larger, spanning the block between 4th and 5th Ave NW, and once was full of apple trees.

Then and Now - 404 NW 60th - 4 photo

The black and white photos come to us courtesy the Puget Sound Archives. In the 1930’s the City of Seattle began systematically photographing all buildings, homes and businesses as a record of parcel improvements, usually for tax assessment purposes. This practice continues today and provides homeowners with a wonderful historical record of their home.  

Jensen Home dated April 2018.

2018-03-14 12.47.31.jpg

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  1. This is a good example of a house which was considered “worthy” of historic preservation, in a survey done, which you cited. It is rare for private homes to be designated as officially landmarked, because someone would have to bring that request and report to the Landmarks Board.

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