Berg’s Grocery – 6500 3rd Ave NW

A special thank you to Mark & Carol Lundemo for today’s photo. The Lundemo’s were given this photo by Carl Berg’s daughter, Sharon. Carl Berg was the owner of “Berg’s Third Ave. Food Store”, one of the original IGA stores in Seattle. Berg is standing in the doorway of this undated picture.

Berg's Grocery - unknown date

Built in 1931, this building is a good example of the mixed use commercial and apartment buildings that developed along major auto routes, such as 3rd Avenue NW, in the early 1900’s. To the left of Berg’s Grocery, you can see Mitchell’s Meat Market, which was owned by Clyde Mitchell.

Berg’s Grocery was an IGA store, which meant Berg was a member of a local grocers’ cooperative that allowed members to make bulk purchases and thus charge lower prices. More recently this building has been the showroom for All Aboard Second Hand Furniture and Olsen’s Violin.

This building is unusual for its elegant detailing, with a red barrel tile roof and leaded glass doors and transoms. As a result, the building has been included in the City of Seattle Historic Building Inventory. For additional information, visit:


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