Then & Now: Paving NW 65th Street

The City of Seattle routinely photographs public works projects as a record of events and the “Then” photo was taken to record the paving of NW 65th Street, between 3rd Ave NW & 8th Ave NW. In this photo you can see several dump trucks and the long arm of the paving truck headed west on 65th.

On the right hand side of both photos you can see the south side of the home at 6500 4TH AVE NW. Jim Mates owns this home and runs his business “Custom Boot Service” from the basement. He has been fitting ski boots, cycling shoes and hiking boots for over 25 years. When you see the OPEN sign lit in his basement shop window, stop in and say hello. He welcomes the opportunity to meet new neighbors. For more information about “Custom Boot Service”, please visit,

3rd looking west oct 1934 Then and Now - 65th west from 3rd

The black & white photo was taken on October 16, 1934 and is courtesy the Seattle Municipal Archives Photograph Collection, Item No: 9229.

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