Then & Now – Ross Service Station

After WWII more people were able to afford luxury items, like automobiles, and as a result our little neighborhood had several service stations within a short walk of each other. By the time this photo was taken in 1944, H.G. Ross Service Station was one of two on this stretch of roadway; a Texaco was operating across the street on the SE corner.  The sign reads “H.G. Ross, Independent Dealer, Gilmore Products”.

The H.G. Ross Service Station is long gone, having been razed to make way for a seven unit apartment building, built in 1967, which currently occupies this corner.

65th and 3rd looking west - 1944

3rd and 65th - looking west - 1944

The black & white photo was taken in March 1944 and is courtesy the Seattle Municipal Archives Photograph Collection.

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