Then & Now: Woodland District Hall

Built in 1906, Woodland Hall is located at 419 NW 60th Street and was once the central meeting place for neighbors in the West Woodland District of Seattle. Residents would gather together here for community business, festivities, and other events. The hall included office space for persons elected to represent the West Woodland District at City of Seattle meetings, and a post office.  

Used mostly as retail space over the last 100+ years, Woodland Hall is now used as housing, with three apartments inside.  See current view HERE.

Woodland Hall, dated 1910, courtesy MOHAI.

woodland hall

Woodland Hall, dated 1937, courtesy the Seattle Municipal Archives Photograph Collection.

woodland hall 1937

Woodland Hall photo dated January 17, 1957, courtesy the Seattle Municipal Archives Photograph Collection.

5th and 60th - 1

Woodland Hall, October 2014.

5th and 60th looking SE

5 thoughts on “Then & Now: Woodland District Hall

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  2. I grew up at 5829 5th NW. Before that we lived on 70th and 6th. I remember a bakery on 5th and 65th my father bought cupcakes for my 6th birthday(1961)
    from there and brought them to my Kindergarten class. Mrs. Hammer was my teacher. I also remember a candy store on 5th and 65th. Then there was Pick and Pay it. They gave us free groceries. We were the O’Laughlin Family of 9.

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  4. I’d have to check, but I’m pretty sure my kindergarten teacher’s name at West Woodland was Mrs. Hammer. I remember Pick and Pay It … I stole a candy bar from the store when I was about 4 or 5. I got in big trouble and had to walk back and hand it to the cashier and told her what I did. The was the end of my thievery! I grew up around the corning on 5th just north of 6th. They used to sell penny candy either inside the bakery, or just next to it, in the late 60’s.

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