Vintage West Woodland is made possible by YOU!

Without you, there would be no Vintage West Woodland. No historical record of how our neighborhood has grown and changed over the years. Here’s how you can support the continued research of our sweet little neighborhood:

1. Send in old photos. Do you have a box of photos showing the West Woodland Neighborhood 20+ years ago? The photos don’t need to be of a specific event, they can be something simple, like playing in your frontyard as a child. Post directly to this page or email, Include a short description with each photo.

2. Help me collect oral histories. Do you know someone who has lived in the neighborhood for 20+ years? I would like to be in touch with them to collect stories about the neighborhood.

3. Share this page with others. The more that people are aware of this historical project, the more photos, videos and stories I will be able to collect.

Thank you!

Photo (circa 1980) courtesy West Woodland graduate Jane Cvancara Wendt. Jane and her Mom had just purchased milk and were walking home along 5th Ave NW, between 58th & 56th. In 1990, the homes and street were removed to make room for the new West Woodland Elementary and playground. Thank you for sharing Jane!

jane with Milk

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